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About us

Machine description and operation

The Ferguson® FFV Tunnel is a multipurpose cooling and/or freezing tunnel. In this tunnel the  cooling and freezing sections are integrated in the design, which can be configured into a project-based solution.

During the process, the product is evenly distributed over the full width of the conveyor belt, where it is  cooled down using cold air. First, the air is subsequently cooled down in an air cooler. The coolers are dimensioned in such a way that frost can be deposited on the fins without affecting the capacity and the production period. Then, the cold air is blown through the conveyor belt and products by fans.

Accurate distribution of air promotes uniform cooling and/or freezing of the individual product. The design of the fans and conveyor belts provide for an even distribution of air across the full width of the belt. Additionally the design gives much consideration to air speeds and decompression within the configuration. Therefore the FFV requires an extremely low fan capacity per kg frozen product.

 Cleaning requirements

The Ferguson® FFV meets the current stringent cleaning requirements:

  • Easy access, including high quality doors with door heating and emergency lightning when the power is out;
  • All stainless steel interior (with special attention for hygienic design);
  • Welded floor, including draining system;
  • Smooth cooler structure including cooler washers;
  • Easy-to-clean high quality stainless steel belt, including belt washers.

  Major advantages

  • Wide capacity range 4-25 t/h.
  • Project-based solutions thanks to large variety of belt widths and tunnel lengths.
  • All stainless steel interior.
  • Hygienic design, including standard belt and cooler washer system.
  • Easy access for inspection, cleaning and maintenance purposes.
  • Very low energy consumption of fans due to optimal design.
  • 1 week continuous freezing without special defrosting facilities. Depending on the type of product the continuous operating time can be extended to 3 weeks.
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to minimum number of moving components.
  • High efficiency due to advanced process control and TeleService.



Cooling and/or freezing of pre-fried French Fries and other potato products, such as slices and dices etc., from +95°C to -18°C.